Banner Technical: Introduction to Groovy and Grails

Duration Time
32 Hours (4 Days)
Location Dubai, U.A.E
Delivery Mode Classroom

This course equips the participant with the basics of the Groovy language and the use of the Grails framework as applied to Higher Education using Banner 9 technology.  It also introduces the practical concepts used when working with Banner 9 web page development.  This course uses hands-on exercises throughout the entire session. It is designed as the prerequisite course immediately prior to the Banner Technical: Extending Banner 9 Admin Apps course and the Banner Technical: Extending Banner 9 Self-Service Apps course.  It prepares the technology professional to achieve the skills necessary for modifying Banner 9 code, laying the groundwork by providing the technical language and framework usage knowledge using an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).


Audience: Technical professionals who are or will be working with Banner using the Banner 9 technology environment.



  • Introduction to the Banner 9 technology stack used with Banner Apps.
  • The MVC Model and how it pertains to Banner 9 apps, both Admin pages and SSB pages
  • Object-Oriented concepts review, and how OO is implemented with Groovy
  • Classes and objects, constructors
  • Groovy language structure and syntax, programming logic
  • Groovy types, Gstrings, operators, date and numeric processing
  • Collections – focusing on Lists and Maps
  • Closures
  • Groovy beans
  • File I/O
  • XML processing
  • Web page design – HTML, JavaScript, XML, overall web app terminology.
  • The Grails framework – Hello World
  • The use of the IDE with Groovy and Grails


  • Some experience using Banner or hands-on review of the Banner Navigation User’s Guide. Also, some working knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL is needed. Completion of the Java/OOP course or equivalent experience is required.
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