Banner Technical: Implementing Single Sign-On in Banner 8 and 9 Applications

Duration Time
16 Hours
Location Dubai, U.A.E
Delivery Mode Classroom

Single Sign On (SSO) is a technology that enables Banner users to enter their login credentials once, then move between various products without additional authentication.  In this course, you will learn how to use an existing CAS Server to authenticate user sessions in both Banner 8 and Banner applications using Banner 9 technology.

This class features Hands on Lab exercises in which participants will configure an existing CAS server to authenticate a Banner 9 based application, and use Single Sign On Manager in BEIS to authenticate Banner 8 INB forms and SSB pages.


Audience: Banner Administrators


  • This course is intended for those who have previous experience administering a Banner system. No pre-work is required.
Overview of Identity and Access Management
The Architecture of Single Sign On: BEIS, CAS
CAS Configuration
Single Sign On in Banner 8: INB, SSB, Other Applications (e.g. Workflow)
Single Sign On in Banner Using Banner 9 Technology
No Sessions