Banner Technical: Extending Banner 9 Self-Service Applications

Duration Time
32 Hours
Location Dubai, U.A.E
Delivery Mode Classroom

Note: This course is intended for individuals responsible for extending Self-Service Banner 9 apps that cannot be accomplished using extensibility tools and techniques. If you are uncertain as to whether your changes necessitate code extensions, review the “Extensibility Overview Recording” before registering for this course.


This course provides the working knowledge of how to make code extensions to Banner 9 SSB Apps using programming.  This session teaches how to add blocks, sections, and related web pages to existing Apps.  In this session, you will extend existing SSB (Self-Service Banner) Banner 9 Applications using the Grails Web Framework and GSP (Groovy Server Page) technology.  You will use the IntelliJ IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and will also be introduced to the Git repository as a source code management tool.  Participants should have prior PL/SQL development experience, have an understanding of Object-Oriented principals, and have completed the Banner Technical: Introduction to Groovy and Grails course.


Audience: Programmer/Analysts that need to make the transition from Banner 8 Self Service development to Banner 9 Self Service Apps. This can also be of use to web- and Java- developers that need to learn the Banner 9 architecture.


  • Completion of the Extensibility Overview recording
  • Experience in Oracle database technology and its integration with web applications.
  • Understanding of OO (Object-Oriented) concepts, completion of the Banner Technical: Introduction to Groovy and Grails course.
Overview of Banner 9 Technology and the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern
The pieces of the puzzle – the MVC App
The Domain Model and mapping to the back-end Oracle database tables
The Controller and its action methods
The structure and operation of a GSP page
GSP page component basics, with exercises
Hands-on exercises that will provide the experiences of adding field-groups, blocks, and new individual pages to existing Banner 9 SSB Apps
No Sessions