Banner Student: Communication Plan, Population Selection and Letter Generation

Duration Time
16 Hours
Location Dubai, U.A.E
Delivery Mode Classroom

A communication plan is a method of organizing and automating the process of distributing materials to persons. This course is designed to help you use specific forms, tables, reports and processes in Banner Student to create population selections and generate materials to be sent to them.  This course provides an overview of the functionality within the Banner Student product to automate the scheduling of correspondence based on records created in Recruiting, Admissions or the General Student areas.  It also includes instruction on how to use  Banner Population Selection and Banner Letter Generation, (whether generating a printed or downloaded letter). 


Audience: Anyone involved in creating and using Communication Plans, creating and using Population Selections and Letter Generation.



  • Using a Population Selection
    • Define a simple application with and without application-level rules
    • Define simple Population Selection rules
    • Copy Population Selection rules
    • Select a population
    • View Population Selection results
    • Perform a query on a selected population
    • Add/delete people to a selected population
    • Delete the results of a population
    • Create a Manual Population Selection
    • Create Population Selection rules
    • Identify a distinct group of individuals for data extraction
    • Select a distinct group of students
    • Extract your selection
    • Identify the processes in which to use your selection
  • Using Letter Generation
    • Create the rules, codes, and set parameters used to generate ◦bulk letters
    • Award letters
    • Postcard information
    • Labels
    • Create the structure of your letter
    • Extract the population you have identified
    • Generate the letter
    • Print the letter
  • Using Communication Plan Processing
    • Creating Communication Plans
    • Creating Communication Groups, if needed
    • Configuring Communication Plan Rules
    • Creating Material Items
    • Assigning Material Items to Communication Plans
    • Configuring Material Rules
    • Automatically triggering Communication processing in Registration, Admissions and General Student modules
    • Monitoring Communication Plans as changes are made in the processing areas


  • Working knowledge of Banner General Navigation and use of Banner Student or Financial Aid in the user’s particular area of interest
Using a Population Selection
Using Letter Generation
Using Communication Plan Processing
No Sessions