Ellucian’s First Authorized Global Training Partner

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) and Ellucian have partnered to launch the first global Banner training center outside the USA. The facility is based at the campus of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University. The Training Center will enable academicians, faculty, administrative officials and IT teams to effectively use Banner® to improve operating performance levels.

What do you get:

  • Ellucian certified trainers
  • Ellucian certified training materials
  • Get a head start on Banner 9
  • Cloud Based virtual labs for simulations
  • Official Ellucian training delivered in Dubai
  • Set your own schedule (Contact Us to set your own schedule)


Banner Student Functional Courses Offered:

  • Banner Student: Banner 9 Basic Registration
  • Banner Student: Banner 9 Block Registration
  • Banner Student: Banner 9 Projected Registration
  • Banner Student: Banner 9 Structured Registration
  • Banner Student: Banner 9 Registration Fee Assessment
  • Banner Student: Banner 9 Registration Student Planning
  • Communication Plan, Population Selection & Letter Generation


Banner Technical Courses Offered:

  • Introduction to Banner Administration
  • Banner Technical: Extending Banner 9 Admin Apps
  • Banner Technical: Banner 9 Administration
  • Banner Technical: Introduction to Groovy and Grails
  • Banner Technical: Extending Banner 9 Self-Service Apps
  • Banner Technical: Banner General Technical
  • Banner Technical: Implementing Single Sign-On in Banner 8 and 9 Applications



11 Oct 2016

HBMSU kicks off training sessions at the Banner Training Center


15 Nov 2015

HBMSU first institution to ever receive the ‘Extraordinary Contribution Award’ from Ellucian


25 Oct 2015

HBMSU announces the launch of the first Ellucian Banner training center in the Middle East to help other institutions develop Smarter Information Systems for Learners using Banner® by Ellucian



Ellucian Certified Trainers

Trainings delivered by Ellucian certified and authorized trainers.

Cloud Based Virtual Labs

Practice and do simulations in cloud based virtual labs with pre-configured Banner environments.

Technical and Functional

Have the opportunity to train both your technical teams and your functional teams.